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Virginia Apple Industry

York Apples

Virginia Apple Industry
Virginia Apple Industry

The Star of Apple Prime Time

Apple fans know and love York for its intense tart/sweet flavor, firm flesh and distinctive shape. York apples sell well during prime apple months-mid-October through February.

Nature's Perfect Keeper

Mother Nature created this marvel all on her own: an apple that holds its crisp texture over time, while becoming mellower and sweeter tasting. The York variety was discovered early last century, near York, Pennsylvania. Consistent solid sales have earned York Imperial a place on the top ten apple variety production list.

Virginia Apple Industry
Virginia Apple Industry
Virginia Apple Industry


Crisp and Flavorful Throughout the Season

  • Recognizable "lop-sided" shape

  • Deep red with green streaks

  • Fresh flavor favorite

  • First choice for holding texture during cooking and freezing



Mid-October through February-the Heart of Apple Season


Extended Shelf Life

  • Famous for holding texture and flavor-they actually sweeten in storage!


Sized and Packed to Sell

  • Tray packs and bags

  • PLU stickering available

  • Reliable Supply

  • Grown in quantity, famous for their performance in storage, you and your customers can depend on steady availability of Virginia York Imperials.

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