Apple Varieties in Virginia:

Winesap Apples

Winesap Apples - The Virginia Apple Industry

Holidays. Gracious Dinners.

School Lunches.

They're all the perfect occasion for this red-as-red-wine favorite, a beauty of an apple that looks terrific on store displays and at home in wreaths, fruit bowls, and cheese platters.

But gorgeous as Virginia Winesap apples are to look at, they're even better to eat - tart, tangy, juicy, and extra firm.

Stock up on Virginia Winesap apples, a great tasting apple that lasts long, stores well, and adds festive good looks to every setting.


Rich Red Color

  • White flesh

  • Crisp texture

  • Juicy inside

Holidays and Everyday

  • A great snack

  • Excellent with wine and cheese

  • Perfect cut into salads

Virginia Winesap Apples

  • Locally grown

  • Just-picked freshness



A Fresh Favorite

  • Locally grown

  • Just-picked flavor

  • Long shelf life in and out of storage

  • Traditional apple that complements your selection

Packed for Profit

  • In tray packs

  • In bags, bins or bulk

  • PLU stickering available

'Tis the Season

  • Available late fall through spring

  • Retailers love this classic "red" that's just right for the season.