The Virginia State Horticultural Society

The Virginia State Horticultural Society

The Voice of Virginia Fruit Growers

For over one hundred years the Virginia State Horticultural Society has worked to speak with one organized voice for the fruit industry.  The society is “the voice” of Virginia fruit growers and is dedicated to representing your interest on state and federal issues.

Our ability to be effective depends on your financial support and participation.  Your support, together with those of other society members, can accomplish what no single grower can do alone.


What the Virginia State Horticultural Society Can Do for You:


Along with a membership directory, members receive a bi-monthly newsletter containing horticultural information, topics on production practices, public affairs updates and feature articles on people and events within the industry.

Broaden Your Resources 

Attending the annual meeting, industry functions and working on committees are great meeting grounds to introduce you to industry leaders, political representatives, federal and state officials, suppliers and other growers.

Invest in Your Future 

If you are a grower, an employee, in research or extension, or if you trade with the fruit industry, you have a stake in the well being of VSHS.  We need and welcome your support and the support of your fruit growing neighbor.

Our continued success depends on numbers.  By joining, you’ll become a part of a large but close-knit group of individuals committed to protecting and representing the interest of the Virginia fruit industry.

Contact Us

Virginia State Horticultural Society, Inc.

PO Box 2445  

Winchester, VA  22604

ph. 540-667-9101


Meeting Schedule & Events


January 31- February 2, 2023

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