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Stayman Apples

Stayman Apples - The Virginia Apple Industry

Let Me Call You Sweet-Tart, Consumers Sing the Praises of Virginia

Stayman Apples

For those in the know, Virginia Stayman apples are a connoisseur's delight. Their distinctive sweeet-tart flavor, snappy bite, satisfying texture and crimson color have made them a favorite since their discovery by Dr. Stayman in 1866.


The Virginia Stayman is an ideal, all-purpose apple. As a snack, it gets high praise for its robust taste and firm, crisp flesh. The Stayman's large conical shape holds up well under heat, making it perfect for baking and cooking.

Locally grown Virginia Stayman apples have the advantage of just-picked freshness to make them a memorable treat.


Great Flavor, Crisp Texture

  • Distinctive sweet-tart taste

  • Firm texture

  • Crisp snap with every bite

Versatility - All Purpose

  • Ideal for baking and cooking

  • Makes outstanding applesauce and apple butter

  • A delicious snack or quick bite on the run

Virginia Staymans

  • Locally grown so your customers know they're fresh




  • Locally grown for freshest flavor

  • Quick delivery from Virginia orchards


  • Packed in tray packs or

  • Shipped in bags, bins or bulk

  • PLU stickering available 


  • Mid-October through March