Apple Varieties in Virginia:

Rome Apples

Rome Apples - The Virginia Apple Industry

When in Virginia, offer customers Rome

Virginia Rome apples, an old-time favorite are now available fresh from the orchards. Their firm flesh and mildly sweet flavor make them the quintessential baking apple.

Rome apples are versatile when prepared in dishes ranging from pies and pancakes to sauces and salads. When baked, they retain their shape and texture and acquire a rich flavor.


Great Color and Shape

  • Deep solid red

  • Perfectly round

  • Cream-colored flesh

Excellent for Cooking

  • Ideal for baking because of its firm texture, mildly sweet taste and tendency to hold its shape

  • Makes flavorful sauces, pies, and baked apples

  • Sweet-tart when first picked, but matures into a mellow flavor

  • Tasty snack when eaten fresh

Virginia Rome Apples

  • Locally grown so your customers know they're flavorful and fresh



Locally Grown Freshness

  • Just picked flavor

  • Next day delivery from local Virginia orchards

  • Extend display life of two weeks

  • Prolonged life in cold storage

Packed for Your Convenience

  • Shipped in tray packs or bags

  • Good supply available for all sizes

Ready for Sales from Fall to Spring

  • Available mid-October through April/May

  • Cross sell opportunities with pie shells, spices

       and baking ingredients