Red Delicious Apples - The Virginia Apple Industry

Apple Varieties in Virginia:

Red Delicious Apples

A red-hot opportunity for sales of a locally grown, fresh, all-time favorite

Virginia Red Delicious apples -- the apple of everyone's eye and palate -- are now available fresh from the orchards at their juicy and flavorful best.

Their crisp, sweet flesh, makes Virginia Red Delicious apples ideal for lunches, snacks and salads and a refreshing addition when baked into such quick treats as pancakes, muffins and crisps.


Great Color and Shape

  • Striped to solid red

  • Has the uniform shape customers are looking for

Unbeatable Flavor

  • Great for salads because of the crisp texture and sweet taste

  • A tasty fast snack or quick bite

  • Sweet, juicy, firm, crisp

Virginia Red Delicious Apples

  • Locally grown so your customers know they're flavorful and fresh.




Locally Grown Freshness

  • Just picked flavor

  • Next day delivery from local Virginia orchards

  • Extended display life of two weeks

  • Withstand store handling

Packed for Your Convenience

  • Packed in tray packs or

  • Shipped in bags

  • PLU stickering available

  • Consistent supply of 88 and larger sizes

Ready for Red-Hot Sales from Fall to Spring

  • Available mid-September through March