Jonathan Apples - The Virginia Apple Industry

Apple Varieties in Virginia:

Jonathan Apples

Local apple will make shoppers see red; retailers see green

Virginia Jonathan apples are the first red apples available in the fall. When they appear in stores, shoppers are quick to pick them up as the perfect choice for school lunch snacks and candy apples.


For retailers, it's time to harvest profits by reminding customers that Jonathan is the ideal all-purpose apple. It is an excellent choice for snacking, cooking and baking. Despite their down-to-earth qualities,


Virginia Jonathan apples also have an exotic side. Their flavor is a unique blending of sweet and tart and their appearance combines light red stripes over yellow or deep red.


Distinctive Coloration

  • First red apple of the fall

  • Light red stripes over yellow or deep red

All-Purpose Apple

  • Great for snacking with sweet-tart taste

  • Firm texture perfect for cooking

  • Round and firm

Virginia Jonathan Apples

  • Locally grown so your customers know they're flavorful and fresh

  • Old time favorite




Locally grown freshness

  • Just-picked flavor

  • Next day delivery form local Virginia orchards

Packed for Your Convenience

  • Packed in tray packs or

  • Shipped in bags

  • PLU stickering available

Available Only in the Fall

  • Virginia Jonathan apples available starting September