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Apple Varieties in Virginia:

Granny Smith Apples

Virginia Blushing Granny Smith Apples

There is something special on the apple cheeks of this Granny, a slight sun-kissed pink blush that makes Virginia Blushing Granny Smith apples an instant standout on any display.

This slightly unusual, always great tasting apple has extraordinary eye appeal, long shelf life, and versatility that customers love.

Virginia Blushing Granny Smiths can be enjoyed straight from the store, baked in a pie, or stewed into a sauce. And because the fruit keeps its color even when cut, these apples are ideal for salads. Virginia Blushing Granny Smith apples, get 'em while the blush is on!


Gorgeous Outside and In
Green with pink blush
Great size
Doesn't brown when cut

Tart and Tasty
Crisp, firm

Store well
Keeps shape when cooked. Ideal for pies, fried apples
Super snack or salad

Virginia Blushing Granny Smith Apples
A variety grown, sold and served with pride
Yours from local growers




Local freshness

  • Picked ripe with the blush

  • Just-picked flavor

  • Next day delivery from local Virginia orchards

  • Long shelf life

Choice packing options

  • Tray packs

  • Bags, bins or bulk

  • PLU stickering available


  • Late fall through spring