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Fuji Apples

Fuji Apples - The Virginia Apple Industry

Fuji: The Exotic Sounding Apple that Tastes Right at Home in Virginia


Although the name may conjure up images of the Orient, Fuji apples are definitely at home in Virginia. This deliciously sweet apple is actually a cross between all-time favorite Red Delicious and old Virginia Rawls Jennet apples. Its appearance is a distinctive combination of red blush, striped with green and yellow.

The Fuji is a hard-working apple. It's excellent for snacking and for cooking. It stores well, even without refrigeration. For retailers, that means extended shelf life. For consumers, it means the perfect take-along for school lunches and picnics.

Buyers also know the Fuji as the best sweet apple available after November 1, so the delicious flavor and great texture will continue long past other apples for baking, for applesauce, for salads and for snacks.



Exotic look, down-home flavor

  • Blush color with green and yellow stripes

  • Excellent sweet flavor


  • Ideal for cooking and baking

  • A favorite for applesauce

  • A tasty snack

Virginia Fujis

  • Locally grown so customers know they're fresh

  • Extended shelf life - at least one month under refrigeration



  • November - March


  • Just picked flavor

  • Next day delivery from local Virginia orchards


  • Packed in tray packs or

  • Shipped in bags, bins or bulk

  • PLU stickering available

The Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

The Virginia Apple Board

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The Virginia Apple Board is an official commodity board of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services --promoting research, education and marketing efforts for the state's apple industry through assistance to the Virginia Apple Growers Association.