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    Women’s Auxilary Annual Meeting The Women’s Auxiliary held its annual meeting on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Koger Conference Center, in Richmond Virginia. President Linda Edwards conducted the meeting, and the standing officers and committee chairs gave reports of activities in the past year. Highlights of these activities include the selection of Rachel Moore Russell, daughter of Kirk and Sherry Russell, of Frederick County, as our 2013 Apple Ambassador. We are so pleased to have Rachel represent our industry in the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival and throughout the year as opportunities arise. Also reported was another enjoyable and successful Ladies Luncheon in 2012 with noted author, Jay Foreman, as our speaker. The luncheon was publicized in the Winchester Star and in Chester Magazine online this year. Financially, the luncheon benefited both the Apple Blossom Festival and the scholarships awarded to students studying Horticulture at VPI & SU. The students chosen to receive these scholarships of $1000 each in 2013 are Brittaney Nelson and Carly Reynolds. Officers were elected as follows: President - Buffy Cooper Vice President - Bonnie Sine Secretary - Betty Vonn Snapp Treasurer - Debbie Fauble; Asst. Treasurer - Alexis Swing Directors - Judy Chiles and Sherry Jenkins Incoming President, Buffy Cooper announced the following committee chairpersons: Convention - Bonnie Sine Budget - Debbie Fauble Membership - Debbie Fauble Publicity/Virginia Fruit - Betty V. Snapp Historian - Esta Yoder Scholarship - Ruth Chiles Apple Blossom Luncheon - Hope Brim and Bonnie Sine Apple Ambassador - Bonnie Sine Convention Door Prizes - Judy Chiles and Morgan Johnston Nominating - Linda Edwards and Doris Drumheller Between meetings we enjoyed a delightful luncheon of Guatemala Salad, soup du jour and fruit cup, and peach cobbler. Every woman attending received a nice door prize. What more could we ask?!! Betty Vonn Snapp

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  • Virginia State Apple Board Minutes Jan 2013

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    Holiday Inn Koger, Richmond Virginia

    Tuesday, January 22, 2013




    John Marker                                        Ricky Berrier

    Dudley Rinker                                     John Brugiere

    Steve Ginn                                           Lynn Graves

    Ruth Saunders


    Jamie Williams                                   Tommy Williams


    Melissa Ball                                        Liz White

    Tootie Rinker                                      David Robishaw, Secretary

    Call to Order

    Chairman John Marker called the meeting to order at 10:40 and welcomed the Board.   Chairman Marker also welcomed the guests and introduced them to the Board.

    Approval of the Minutes from the March 29, 2012 meeting

    Prior to the meeting, David Robishaw sent the Board the draft minutes from the last meeting.   During the review of the minutes, the Board noticed an error under the “distribution of 2011 crop collections” where “reserve” was inserted when it should have been “administration”.   Lynn Graves moved to accept the minutes as presented with the correction, John Brugiere seconded the motion, and with no further discussion, the minutes were approved.

    Review of the Financial Report

    David Robishaw gave the Board a report on the finances of the Virginia Apple Growers Association (VAGA) prior to discussing the Board finances.   Currently VAGA has 32,198.17 in total assets prior to the Board voting to reimburse VAGA for expenses.   This will be covered in another section of the minutes.   David Robishaw then gave the Board copies of the latest financial report generated by the Virginia Department of Agriculture’s Finance office.  The report included an update on cost code 646 (general), cost code 647 (reserve), and cost code 648 (administration).  For crop year 2011, the money collected ($123,376.82) was distributed as follows:  40% to the U.S. Apple Association ($49,351), 20% to the Virginia Horticultural Society ($24,675), 20% to VARP ($24,675), and 10% to Reserve ($12,338.53) and 10% to Administration ($12,337.29).  However, as noted in the minutes, at the last meeting of the Board, the Board voted NOT to fund the Administration for this year and rather keep the 10% in the general cost code 646 to be used this year.  As a result, VDACS office of Finance will reverse the entry and remove the $12,337.29 from cost code 648 and place it back into cost code 646.

    Reports to the Board

    During the annual meeting, the Board seeks reports from related industry groups.  The US Apple Association continues to represent the industry on the national scene by providing growers with monthly apple storage reports, updating issues at the Federal level, providing crisis response, and continuing to promote the health benefits of apples.   A representative from US Apple will also speak at the Horticultural conference.   Tootie Rinker, web master for the new industry web site, updated the Board on the status on the web site.   All substantive work on the site has been completed.  Individual growers should be able to go to the site and enter their own information and keep it updated.  Tootie will continue to seek new pictures and articles to keep the web site fresh.  Liz White updated the Board on the Horticultural Society and VARP.   The Horticultural Society continues to print and distribute a newsletter and put on the annual conference.   Liz also works with VARP and sees that each researcher completes and annual report that is printed in the newsletter.  The Virginia Apple Growers continues to support the US Apple Export Council with annual dues, and this year provided educational material for a publication used to educate local, state, and federal officials as well as colleges, economic development groups, and other interested parties.

    Journal Communications

    This year, all commodity Boards, including the Apple Board, were made aware of an opportunity to promote their industry though a magazine published by Journal Communications.  As noted above, the purpose of this magazine is to provide background and support information for all sectors of the Virginia agricultural economy.   After reviewing the proposal, the Virginia Apple Growers felt this was a good opportunity and decided to support the project.  The cost of the educational piece was $5,670.00.  After some discussion, the Board felt this was a worthwhile project.    Lynn Graves moved to reimburse VAGA for the cost of this project, and Dudley Rinker seconded.  With no further discussion, the motion passed.

    Additional Apple Grower Expenses

    The Board also noted the Virginia Apple Growers Association also spent $1,920 in accounting fees ($40 a month for 4 years) to manage industry money.   Steve Ginn moved to reimburse the Virginia Apple Growers Association $1,920 for the accounting fees, Ricky Berrier seconded the motion, and with no further discussion, the motion passed.

    Distribution of the 2012 crop collections

    As discussed previously, the Board’s options for the use of the money includes supporting the US Apple Association, the Horticultural Society, VARP, and monies for administration and savings.  The percentages allowed are controlled by the Board legislation.  After further Board discussion, John Brugiere moved to allocate the money as follows:

    40% to US Apple

    20% to the Horticultural Society

    20% to VARP

    10% to reserve

    0 to Administration and allow that portion to stay with the general cost code.  Ruth Saunders seconded the motion, and with no further discussion, the motion passed.

    Ag in the Classroom

    The Board received a request from “Ag in the Classroom”, an educational effort aimed at exposing school children to all aspects of agriculture.   While the Board felt this was a worthwhile project, it would be better handled by the Apple Growers Association or the Horticultural Society, and did not take any action of the request.

    Election of Chairman

    Chairman Marker’s term expires in June of 2013 and is not eligible to serve again.  After discussion, Lynn Graves offered to serve as Chairman.  Ruth Saunders moved to make Lynn Graves Board Chairman, John Brugiere seconded the motion, and with no further discussion, the motion passed.

    New Business

    David Robishaw gave the Board copies of the 2012 Apple Board Annual Report


    Public Comment

    There was no additional public comment

    Next meeting and adjourn

    While the exact date of the meeting was not set, it will be during the 2014 Horticultural meeting.  With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:50.

    Respectfully submitted,    

    John Marker, Chairman                                                  David Robishaw, Secretary








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